recyclingYesterday, Councilman Bill Peduto introduced six bills intended to increase environmental standards in the City of Pittsburgh.  These bills are modeled after the initiatives laid out in the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan, which Councilman Peduto helped to create.

If passed, the new green legislation would:

  1. Codify the Sustainability Coordinator.
  2. Codify an 11 person Sustainability Commission with representatives from Council, Mayor, and many City Departments.
  3. Energy Audit – Require the City to do an energy audit of municipal buildings every 10 years.
  4. Green Purchasing – Create a resolution calling for New Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines to be developed by administration.
  5. Green Roofs – Create 2 categories of green roofs (greater than 5 inches of soil/more than 5 inches), and create guidelines for green roofs.
  6. Recycling – Call for recycling cans on city streets, and increase recycling enforcement levels.  It would also create the first steps toward a blue bin recycling program, and step up recycling in commercial, office and municipal buildings .

Visit the links below to read the legislation.

Energy Audits
Green Roofs
Recycling Changes
Sustainability Commission
Sustainably Purchasing Resolution

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