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Your Input Needed on Bus Rapid Transit!

In a March editorial, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette declared it was time to bring on Bus Rapid Transit -- a system that combines the efficiency of rail rapid transit with the low cost and flexibility of buses. Now, you have the opportunity to make your voice heard where in Oakland the proposed BRT line will operate and where the BRT should go.

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New Life for the Strip District’s Produce Terminal

Chicago developer McCaffery Interests and the City's Urban Redevelopment Authority have inked an agreement to redevelop the Strip District's historic produce terminal, starting with a public market. The market place will feature local and regional businesses that will include food, crafts and the arts.

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Northside Youth Entrepreneurial Pitch Fair Tonight at Alloy 26 in Nova Place

One Northside, Northside Narratives, Pittsburgh Perry High School, BMe Community, and Ya Momz House, Inc. are holding a free community event tonight at Alloy 26 in Nova Place. The Northside Narratives program will feature 40 youth-founded project proposals about business ideas that they wish to see or create in Northside Pittsburgh. It's a science fair-style event with students on hand to discuss why they chose their projects. Projects will receive up to $1,000 to complete their project in their community.

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Apply Now for AlphaLab Gear’s 2017 National Hardware Cup

AlphaLab Gear is a Pittsburgh-based, nationally ranked accelerator -- consistently in the top 20 nationwide -- for early-stage physical product companies. They are once again holding their National Hardware Cup. This is a pitch competition for early-stage hardware startups. The Cup tours seven cities around the U.S. (Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Washington DC, Chicago, and Austin) to find and highlight the most promising physical product startups in the nation.

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Two Important Community Meetings in December

There are two important community meetings coming up in short order. The first is on Thursday, December 8th where CMU Students will present their final designs for the Western Gateway. The second meeting is on Monday, December 12th. At that meeting, drawings and plans will be presented for the proposed Penn Plaza and Enright Park redevelopment.

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Join the Global Debate on Inclusive Cities

What is an inclusive city? How do we achieve "the City that does not exclude"? You're invited to join online in a global debate on the concept of the "inclusive city." The ideas and recommendations garnered from this discussion will feed a Citizen Call for Action to be presented during the Cities for Life Global Summit for Inclusive, Smart and Resilient Cities. The summit will take place on November 21st and 22nd at Paris City Hall. It's being hosted by the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the Mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutierrez.

See Designs for East Liberty’s Western Gateway by CMU Students

East Liberty has seen much in the way of revitalization efforts in the last decade plus. From retail outlets like Home Depot, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Target to the hot, new Ace Hotel, East Liberty has undergone a major transformation. However, it's western gateway -- the area between its historic core and the neighborhoods to the west and north -- has remained largely parking lots to this day.

Discuss the Future of Homewood’s Business District

On Thursday, October 6th, you're invited to attend a presentation by Homewood Children’s Village, Carnegie Mellon University, and UDream on Homewood Revitalization. The goal of this community restoration is to re-establish a thriving business district in Homewood.

Uptoberfest Block Party: Share Your Thoughts on the Future of Uptown/West Oakland

Uptown and West Oakland have long suffered from a history of disinvestment, despite the fact that this area is strategically located between two of the three largest “city centers” in Pennsylvania — Downtown and Oakland. But, the tide is turning with new investments in housing and start-up businesses being made in and around Uptown. The Uptown/West Oakland EcoInnovation District combines the goals of both an EcoDistrict (a resilient and sustainable bottom-up development area) and an Innovation District (an area where leading-edge anchor institutions/companies cluster in close proximity to transit-accessible, mixed-use housing, office, and retail for maximum job growth and economic opportunity).

Find Out How to Fight Blight In Your Community at Blight Bootcamp 2016

Last year's first-ever Blight Bootcamp saw over 120 residents and organizations come together from across the City and County to learn ways that they can improve their neighborhoods by remediating blight. Blighted properties cost everyone. The surrounding homes lose their property value, the city loses its tax revenues, and these properties eat up city services through needed code enforcement and maintenance, such as boarding up buildings or demolishing them.