Building a Pittsburgh for All

Monday Memo 3/20/17

In the second installment of the "Talking Pittsburgh w/ Mayor Peduto" weekly podcast, Mayor Peduto discusses the impact President Trump's newly proposed budget will have on our City and his meeting with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and the National League of Cities' education committee. Find out what will become of critical programs like the Summer of Earn and Learn by clicking here to listen to this six minute podcast.

Tuesday Topics 3/14/17

Breaking records, Team Peduto submitted 3, 939 signatures to qualifying the Mayor to appear on ballot. That number is nearly 16 times the minimum number required to qualify! Importantly, it includes signatures of supporters from every neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh. This also exceeds the number of petitions submitted by the Mayor's 2013 campaign by nearly 1,500 signatures.

BREAKING: First Polling Numbers In

We have some initial polling numbers in, and we wanted to be sure to share some of them with you. Voters in Pittsburgh generally feel the city is heading in the right direction (68% vs. 22% who disagree). Voters have a strong, positive assessment of Mayor Peduto (74% vs. 15% negative) and he has a job approval rating of 63%.

Introducing Team Peduto

Beginning this month, our re-election campaign staff is working in full swing out of our newly opened campaign office at 4314 Penn Avenue. Our team reflects and deeply believes in a city that is diverse and inclusive -- a Pittsburgh that works for everyone. They also love the City and are working together to help keep Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

Citiparks Recruiting Lifeguards for the Summer

If you are a certified lifeguard or are interested in obtaining certification, the Citiparks Aquatic Division is looking for you. They are currently recruiting lifeguards for the 2017 summer season. Lifeguards must be City of Pittsburgh residents and at least 16 years of age by June 2, 2017. The starting pay rate is $9.09 an hour. If you are interested in working as a lifeguard for Citiparks, please contact the Citiparks Aquatic Division Office at 412-323-7928.

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BMe Community: Call for Stories, Call for Leaders

BMe Community is an "award-winning network of community-builders known for defining people by their positive contributions to society and enlisting incredible black men who inspire us to be Better Together." Each year, BMe presents their leadership awards to everyday, adult Black men -- fathers, coaches, students, businessmen, etc. -- who have shown that they are deeply committed to the well-being of others. Then, they help them in their efforts by giving them funding, networking opportunities, and by sharing their stories with others.

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