Two months before President Trump claimed to represent “Pittsburgh, not Paris” when he rejected the Paris Climate Accords, Mayor Bill Peduto gave a talk at TEDxYouth@Shadyside which the President would have found highly instructive:

“Who was going to build [America]? Of courses, it was Pittsburgh. Before it was steel, it was glass, there was iron, then steel, then aluminum. And Pittsburgh built America. From this little fortress town came this industrial giant. And what came with that? Air that was dangerous to breathe, water that was poisonous to drink, and the greatest disparity between the haves and the have-nots in American history.”

The Mayor goes on to tell how Pittsburgh had the first clean air act in American history — decades before the EPA. How when our City lost heavy industry and had 19% unemployment, a partnership of corporate Pittsburgh, foundations, non profits and City Government invested in technology and double-downed on arts and culture to save the City. And how, now, we are on the cusp of a new, great Pittsburgh: The Resilient City.

Pittsburgh can be a model for all cities. Through revitalization and building sustainability, it won’t matter who’s serving in Washington. Cities will be the drivers in solving climate change and in creating their own energy — with Pittsburgh leading the way.

Watch it all unfold here: