On Tuesday, Pittsburghers had the opportunity to weigh in on Mayor Peduto’s first term and the direction of the City of Pittsburgh, and by all measures, we are moving forward.

The Mayor has made a commitment to us, and the people of Pittsburgh have spoken. We are going to see a continuation of policies that will:

  • Reform city government,
  • Rebuild our economy,
  • Invest in our neighborhoods, and
  • Invest in our people

Throughout the campaign, we promised to build on the Mayor’s record to keep building a Pittsburgh for all, and to keep Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. This was a message that people believed in and people overwhelmingly voted for.

Four years ago, Mayor Peduto was elected with 52% of the vote.

This year, we were able to expand that win to 69%.

More impressive than the vote total, was the breadth of the win, and how we were able to build and expand on the Mayor’s electoral strength from the previous election. Among the highlights:

  • The Mayor won a majority of votes in every geographic region of the city and among every demographic.
  • The Mayor won a majority in all nine council districts of the city.
  • The Mayor won 31 out of 32 wards in the City.
  • The Mayor won in 85 out of 90 neighborhoods.

This win was made possible by increasing the win percentage in 92% of voting districts citywide. Gains were made across the city, but were especially large in the City’s southern and west end neighborhoods.

Finally, the win was historic. Not since Tom Murphy’s defeat of Jack Wagner in 1993 has a mayor won with a greater proportion of the vote.

Thank you to Campaign Manager Keyva Clark and her dedicated staff. And thank you, Pittsburgh, for your votes, the time that you spent volunteering on the campaign, and for believing in a Pittsburgh that is moving in the right direction.


Matt Merriman-Preston
People for Peduto