“Confronting Our Water Challenges Head On” Podcast

Recognizing that ensuring the safety of our water is one of the most important things that a mayor can do, this week’s podcast is devoted solely to the current issues with the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA). The podcast includes clips from Friday’s public meeting with the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel appointed by Mayor Peduto, as well as a discussion with the Mayor. The podcast covers how we got here and both short and long term strategies to deal with the crisis. Click here to view the four minute podcast.

April Polling

In April polling, Mayor Peduto continues to build on his commanding lead over both Darlene Harris and Rev. John Welch. In a 3-way matchup, the Mayor has the support of 61% of voters, followed by Darlene Harris at 12% and John Welch at 8%. Only 19% of voters remain undecided — dropping from 24% last month.



You Know You Want One!

You can get your very own Peduto yard sign now by clicking here and using the drop-down menu under “Pick how you can help” to select “Put up a yard sign.” Or pick one up in person at the campaign office at 4314 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, Monday through Friday from10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.



Allegheny County Labor Council Endorses the Mayor

The Allegheny County Labor Council — which represents major unions in this area — has endorsed Mayor Bill Peduto for the 2017 primary election. Candidates must earn a two-thirds majority to receive the council’s endorsement. Mayor Peduto called the endorsement “a testament to the hard work that we have done for working families over the past few years” in a statement in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.