Kareem … Young … Gifted … and Black …., a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from David Robert Bliwas’s photostream

BMe Community is an “award-winning network of community-builders known for defining people by their positive contributions to society and enlisting incredible black men who inspire us to be Better Together.” Each year, BMe presents their leadership awards to everyday, adult Black men — fathers, coaches, students, businessmen, etc. — who have shown that they are deeply committed to the well-being of others. Then, they help them in their efforts by giving them funding, networking opportunities, and by sharing their stories with others.

Right now, BMe Community is accepting applications of black men who are social entrepreneurs, innovators and difference-makers in Pittsburgh, as well as in greater Akron, Miami, and Philadelphia. Winners will join over over 160 past BMe Leaders and will receive a $10,000 grant, local and national recognition, and travel to Washington DC to be inducted into a lifelong fellowship of their peers.

In order to apply to become a BMe Leader — or to nominate someone who fits the bill — an application must be received by Tuesday, February 21st.

The award is a “Call for Stories” — they are seeking men with a story of a personal challenge overcome, “a moment that changed everything,” or what deeply motivates someone to do remarkable things for their community. They’re especially interested in those who have worked to improve the health, wealth, and know-how of those in the community.

Pittsburgh BMe Leaders include hip hop artist, educator, and social activist Jasiri X, who uses his award-winning skills to engage his over 40,000 social media followers and fellow artists in local and national causes.

For more information, please review the video below, and go the their website to fill out an application.

Please help recognize the men who have made a difference!