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Pittsburgh is a city whose strength was built on its immigrant population. The years 1870 to 1920 saw a sevenfold growth in the population of the city as immigrants moved here for jobs in the factories and mills, bringing with them new cultural traditions that have now become synonymous with our city (think Pirates Pierogies, for example). Now, like many cities, Pittsburgh seeks to attract immigrants as studies have shown that they are still a real boon to an area as they start businesses at a higher rate than non-immigrants, and can actually raise home values when they move into neighborhoods. Additionally, immigrants increase increase a city’s population, while making it a more vibrant place to live. Currently, Pittsburgh’s foreign-born population is estimated to be about 7 percent of its total population. You have an opportunity to recognize and honor the vital role immigrants play by nominating an immigrant entrepreneur/professional for an award by GlobalPittsburgh.


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GlobalPittsburgh connects globally-minded people and organizations in our region and around the world through member activities and hosting programs, including hosting international leaders for the U.S State Department, working to attract international students, and connecting corporations with international resources. They are currently accepting nominations for entrepreneurs and professionals who were born outside of the U.S. and whose efforts have benefited our region. Nominees should reside in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington, or Westmoreland Counties.

You’re tasked with naming a business owner/founder, or a professional leader/manager and telling GlobalPittsburgh why they deserve recognition and how this person has inspired you. They are looking for people who have, in particular, made notable contributions to the community.

An Immigrant Entrepreneur Celebration and Award Ceremony will take place on October 13, 2016 at the Rivers Club.

The deadline for nominations is June 1, 2016 and the link to nominate a deserving immigrant can be found here.