Living Room, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Stephen Grebinski’s photostream

You see them in pretty much every neighborhood. Weed-filled or strewn with garbage. A waste of space and energy. We’d all like to see vacant lots properly maintained. GTECH is currently partnering with UrbanKind Institute (Dr. Jamil Bey), Fourth Economy Consulting, Pitt’s University Center on Social Urban Research (UCSUR), A. Phillip Randolph Institute, City Source Associaties, KRJ Contracting, Landforce, the Hilltop Men’s Group, and YouthPlaces to help redesign and relaunch the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s (URA) vacant land maintenance process.


Vacant Urban Lot, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Paul Sableman’s photostream

While it’s important to understand that the URA only owns less than 10% of the publicly-owned vacant land in our city, any improvement in vacant lot maintenance is a plus for our communities. They will be will be working to understand how to gain efficiency in the current system, as well as seek to add additional benefit for the communities most affected. Right now, they are seeking your input to help ensure more awareness, transparency, and ultimately community benefit.

There are two ways for you to voice your input and for you to find out more information about this redesign:

  • You can attend one of the public meetings being held throughout the city. These are being co-hosted by the City of Pittsburgh and the Office of Mayor William Peduto, the URA, Representative Ed Gainey, and Representative Jake Wheatley.

Get involved and get informed!