Bus Stop, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Rich McPeek’s photostream

While our city has been rightly celebrated in numerous articles and “best of” lists, Mayor Peduto — and others — have lamented that there are “two Pittsburghs.” Though Pittsburgh my be “most livable” for some, there is disparity with people being left behind in this new economy and suffering from other short and long-term inequities. At The Heinz Endowments, Grant Oliphant, President, has been blogging his ideas on this issue and what a “Just Pittsburgh” would look like:

Probably every one of us has our own take on what a truly Just Pittsburgh would look like. For us at the Endowments, we have some clear ideas. A Just Pittsburgh would want to remove the deeply ingrained barriers that disadvantage some of us simply because we are black, female, poor or somehow “other.” It would not treat racism as a “black problem,” gender-based violence and discrimination as “women’s issues,” or rising rates of poverty as a problem only for the poor; it would, rather, see the role of entrenched power, and demand a shared response to a dynamic that diminishes us all.

It would open its arms in a wide embrace, unafraid of difference, aware that no person and no community has ever been made less by opening their hearts and minds more.

Tomorrow, April 19, The Heinz Endowments invites you to join in the conversation of what a “Just Pittsburgh” means to you. They are hosting a Twitter chat from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. You will be joined by Grant Oliphant; Andrew McElwaine, vice president of Sustainability and Environment; Carmen Anderson, senior program officer, Children, Youth & Families; and Justin Laing, senior program officer, Arts & Culture.

To join in, please follow the Endowments at @heinzendow or go to #justpgh. You can also follow their chat team at @go_grant, @andrewmcelwaine, @candersonpgh, @jdlaing. Additionally, you can compose questions here ahead of time, and they’ll queue them up for inclusion in the Twitter chat.

To get a jump start on the conversation, you can hear Carmen Anderson’s views on a ‪#‎justpgh‬ and a city where our children can thrive: