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Win or lose, rescue missions to receive donations from local businesses

PITTSBURGH, PA (Jan. 7, 2016) – In honor of the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals NFL Wild Card Game on Saturday, Jan. 9, Mayor William Peduto of Pittsburgh and Mayor John Cranley of Cincinnati have placed a friendly wager that also will benefit local charities.

If the Steelers win on Saturday, Mayor Cranley will send Mayor Peduto a care package full of notable Cincinnati food favorites. If the Bengals are victorious, Mayor Peduto will send a care package of Pittsburgh food favorites to Mayor Cranley. The losing Mayor will also be required to serve a meal at his local rescue mission wearing the opposing team’s jersey.

“I stand with all Pittsburghers in the support of our Steelers,” said Mayor William Peduto. “I’d like to thank Mayor Cranley for being a good sport and our local food partners for their continued commitment to our community,” Peduto added. “I’ve never had Cincinnati’s Gold Star Chili but I think it will pair nicely with a Black and Gold victory.”

Each Mayor has engaged local food partners to assist with the wager. In addition to contributing to the Mayor’s care package, partners are donating food that each Mayor will serve at his local rescue mission the week following the game.

Win or lose, Mayor Peduto will serve a meal at Light of Life Rescue Mission (10 E. North Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15212) on Wednesday, January 13 from 5-6:00 p.m. The meal will consist of sandwiches from Primanti Bros.; franks and pierogies from Franktuary; ketchup, mustard and macaroni and cheese from the Kraft Heinz Company; ice cream from Dream Cream Ice Cream; and Smiley Cookies courtesy of Eat’n Park and

In Cincinnati, the local food items include sundaes from Graeter’s Ice Cream; chili and Coneys from Gold Star Chili; and some delicacies from the Montgomery Inn. If the Bengals lose, Mayor Cranley will serve a meal at City Gospel Mission in Queensgate.

Additionally, the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County have declared Friday, Jan. 8,  “Steelers Friday.” A Playoff Rally will be held at 12:00 noon on Friday, Jan. 8, in the Courthouse Courtyard and everyone is encouraged to show their support by donning black and gold, or Steelers gear.