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Some of you may be familiar with customer assistance programs (CAPs) by electric and gas utility companies that offer bill payment assistance to qualified, low income customers. However, there has been no such CAP to assist with water and sewage bills–until now. The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) has committed to creating a customer assistance program to help low and fixed income customers with their sewer bills and will be holding a hearing on Monday, November 16th to allow the public to give input on creating the best, most accessible program for our community.

Our area is required to invest in improving our regional system for collecting and treating sewage which has some 4,000 miles of sewers to serve Allegheny County residents. As there are no public funds available, paying for these improvements will end up being incorporated into sewage bills. As a result, ALCOSAN is developing a customer assistance program to help ease the burden of low income sewage customers as these increases take effect.


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ALCOSAN’s public hearing, “Clean Water and Low Income Families,” will be your only chance for public discussion of the impact of increasing rates on our communities. This is your chance to make your voice heard and help influence the development of a CAP to protect low and fixed income ratepayers from water and sewer shutoffs.

This event is a free and open public hearing and pre-registration is not required. It’s being hosted by Clean Rivers Campaign and Pittsburgh UNITED. If you are interested in sharing your story with these two organizations, however, you can email and register here–but again, there is no requirement to register to attend and participate at the hearing.

You can download a flyer for the meeting here.

“Clean Water and Low Income Families” CAP Public Hearing
When: Monday, November 16, 2015 from 5 to 7 p.m.
Where: Allegheny County Courthouse, Gold Room (4th Floor), 436 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222