Photograph courtesy of Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation flier

Tomorrow, May 14th at 6:00 p.m., there will be a public meeting to discuss Phase II of the Penn Avenue Reconstruction Project. You can join your neighbors in giving community input to the Department of Public Works. The information the DPW gathers will play an important role in determining how to proceed with Phase II of the reconstruction project. A total of $5M in public funding is committed to Phase II.

Via the May issue of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation’s “The Bulletin:”

As currently planned, Phase II would extend from Evaline St. to Graham St. as a continuation of the current reconstruction project. Patrick Hassett, Assistant Director of the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works, explained that the first step in advancing Phase II is to “scope out what type of improvements the community would like to see in this phase.”

In finalizing these plans, the City will be weighing all neighborhood interests alongside the long-term and short-term costs and benefits of various work items. “Roadway construction, drainage work, sidewalks, landscaping, traffic signals, and light poles can all be discussed as part of the ‘scope-of-work’ conversation,” said Hassett.

Penn Avenue Reconstruction Project Phase II Community Meeting
When: Thursday, May 14, 6:00 p.m.
Where: Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation’s Community Activity Center, 113 N. Pacific Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA


You can download a .PDF version of the above flier here.