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make-your-voice-heard-on-early-childhood-action-day-logoMay 12th is “Early Childhood Action Day,” when hundreds of Early Childhood Education professionals, parents, advocates, and supporters will gather at the Capitol in Harrisburg to deliver the message to our state legislators that high quality early childhood education is a priority issue. You can participate virtually from your own district to lend your voice in support of the importance of high-quality Pre-K in PA.

If you believe that early childhood education is an investment, not a cost, then send a message to your Senator or House of Representatives member. To help, some suggested actions include:

  • Online Action – Send an email message to your legislator on Action Day. Or use your imagination to create an activity that delivers the message quality early childhood education is an investment, not a cost, for the success of Pennsylvania’s children and future!
  • Send Twitter or Facebook Messages to your policy makers letting them know how much early education funding means to your program, the families you serve and the people you employ (if you are a program director). Personal stories have the most impact. Use hashtags #InvestInUs and #MakeItHappen.

If you don’t know your legislator, you can find that information at

For more information, and to register so that the event planners know which legislators are receiving the message, please click here.

Please help spread the message that we want our legislators to Invest in Pennsylvania’s Future!


Pennsylvania Capitol – Harrisburg, PA, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Axel Drainville’s photostream