Pittsburgh Police Van, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Shane Simmons’ photostream

Tomorrow, January 9th, is national Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. A day set aside to thank those who have sworn to serve and protect us all from harm.

tomorrow-is-your-chance-to-help-make-a-new-beginning-for-police-community-relations-signHere in Pittsburgh, we are extremely fortunate to have a new visionary Police Chief, Cameron McLay, who has taken a lead in making sure that all members of our Pittsburgh community feel they share in the promise of that oath.

While community relations in some cities have floundered, our police force has demonstrated their dedication to professionalism–as seen late last year when our officers made sure those expressing their rights of free speech could protest national policing issues fully and safely, without incident. Moreover, many officers show their commitment to social responsibility through working without fanfare with city youth, community and school groups, and volunteer their time to charitable causes.

If you are happy to see the direction our police force is taking under Chief McLay, please take the opportunity to show it tomorrow by paying it forward by saying “Thank You” to a Pittsburgh Police Officer.

We have the opportunity to work together to solve any problem because we have a Chief who is willing to listen to the people and people who are willing to work with our Police Officers. Let’s become the city that shows the rest of the country how we can mend police-community relations. Instead of letting this issue divide us–a situation where we will never find resolution–let’s work together and work for solutions.

Let it begin with you tomorrow by taking the time to say thanks!