Photograph courtesy of Mayor William Peduto

Who’s the boss this Sunday night? It won’t be Mayor Bill Peduto on your TV set. That’s because he’ll be featured on the CBS Emmy-winning show “Undercover Boss.” The show takes a company owner or upper-level executive and disguises them so that they can become a “new hire” and experience firsthand what’s really happening among the rank-and-file workers. Typically, they take on physically demanding labor (which is where the fun comes in) and outstanding workers are rewarded by the episode’s end.

While an an entry-level employee of a giant corporation may not be able to recognize the CEO of their company even out of disguise, it’s different with a mayor. It looks like the Makeup Department went into overdrive to transform Peduto’s appearance. The result? Grizzly Adams-look-alike? The black sheep progressive member of the “Duck Dynasty” clan? Or maybe Jerry Garcia’s long lost brother…You be the judge:

The show (and camouflage) had the Mayor doing double-duty:

“I would get up every morning at 5 a.m., spend two hours getting into costume, go out do the thing, come back, take the costume off, put on my suit and then go to work going to events until 10 or 11 p.m., come back get five or six hours of sleep, do it again,” he said.

But, Peduto thought the effort was well worth it to “highlight Pittsburgh’s change and…be able to help people.”

You can see the results on “Undercover Boss” this Sunday, December 21, at 8:30 PM on KDKA TV.

This much anticipated show has already resulted in a Rob Rodgers cartoon and its own Twitter meme. And for those who can’t wait, here are three sneak peaks of the episode: