August Wilson Center, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Spencer Patrick McKain’s photostream

PITTSBURGH, PA (Sept. 29, 2014) – Mayor Peduto and County Executive Fitzgerald released the following statements Monday after a settlement was reached to save the August Wilson Center for African American Culture:

“I am very pleased that through collaboration among the city, Allegheny County, our foundation community and Dollar Bank we reached a settlement today that preserves the future of the August Wilson Center as a place to celebrate African-American culture. In Pittsburgh, we work together to solve our problems, and that is what we did here to preserve this vitally important asset,” Mayor Peduto said.

“We, at Allegheny County, are thrilled to have reached an agreement on the August Wilson Center. We are extremely proud of the collaboration that occurred in reaching this agreement, and commend Mayor Peduto, his administration, and the foundations for their continued focus and commitment to ensuring that the August Wilson Center, and its mission, is here for generations to come,” County Executive Fitzgerald said.