Tom Wolf for Governor, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Tom Wolf’s photostream

Today, Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto announced that he is proud to endorse Tom Wolf for Governor of Pennsylvania. Peduto stated that Wolf shares the same progressive values that the New Coalition of Pittsburghers which elected Peduto was built upon. Peduto stands united with other leaders in Southwestern Pennsylvania to say that, “We need a leader in Harrisburg who will fight for Pittsburgh and cities, towns, and boroughs across the Commonwealth.”

Peduto acknowledged that while there are some great candidates who have entered the primary race, Tom’s “A Fresh Start for Pennsylvania” agenda really shows his understanding of the challenges that cities like Pittsburgh face and the changes we need in Harrisburg. These challenges include:

  • Creating jobs in the high-tech industries that are growing right here in Pittsburgh.
  • Investing in 21st Century infrastructure.
  • Creating statewide, universal Pre-K.
  • Ending pay-to-play politics in Harrisburg and limiting the influence of campaign donations.
  • Making voting easier for all Pennsylvanians.
  • Bringing data-driven decision-making to state government.
  • Investing in our core communities; focusing on transit-rich, mixed-income development.
  • Putting in place a progressive tax structure to grow the middle class.



Tom Wolf for Governor, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Tom Wolf’s photostream

Peduto further commented that Tom’s background demonstrates that these aren’t just empty campaign promises. “He walks the walk,” said Bill Peduto. He pointed out the following:

  • When Wolf served as President of Better York, he focused on the kind of regional planning and sustainable growth strategies that will make our cities stronger.
  • Tom grew his family business while also making sure that his employees’ paychecks grew along with it. Moreover, he invested back into the community.
  • And when he served as Revenue Secretary, he refused the kinds of perks and gifts that are all too common in Harrisburg.

Peduto closed by saying, “This is the kind of leader all of Pennsylvania needs to wrench us out of our state’s old ways, who won’t be beholden to anyone. His past and his policies prove that.”

You can find out more about Tom Wolf at his website: www.wolfforpa.com. The primary election is being held on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.


Tom Wolf for Governor, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Tom Wolf’s photostream