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Visit Part of Mayor’s Pledge to Bolster International Ties

PITTSBURGH, PA – Mayor William Peduto will welcome two international delegations to the city today as part of his continuing effort to strengthen Pittsburgh’s international ties. The first visit will be with a delegation from Pittsburgh’s first sister city, Wuhan, China. Later in the day, the Mayor will also meet with a European delegation to discuss the role of public-private partnerships.

“Of course there are economic benefits to having strong relationships with our global partners and sister cities, but the benefits of cultural exchange cannot be overstated either,” said Mayor Peduto. “Whenever Pittsburgh has the opportunity to strengthen our international bonds, we should do it for the good of the city and of the country.”

The first visit involves two journalists from our sister city of Wuhan, China; Yangtze Daily Senior Journalist Yu Xi and Wuhan TV Station Chief Journalist Zhang Jun. The visit was facilitated by the University of Pittsburgh. At 11:30 a.m., they will interview Mayor Peduto, former Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy, film director and producer Rick Sebak of WQED and PBS, and renowned interdisciplinary artist Vanessa German.

Xi is writing a book that will promote Wuhan’s 20 sister cities of which Pittsburgh has the distinction of being the first and only in the United States.

Then at 4 p.m., leaders representing nine European countries will gain insight from Mayor Peduto about the role of public-private partnerships in restructuring economies as part of a project of the U.S. State Department in conjunction with Global Pittsburgh.

The European dignitaries are:

  • Fier Regional Development Agency Executive Director Dhimitraq Marko, Albania
  • Austrian Business Association Managing Director Alexander Biach, Austria
  • Italian National School of Government, Industrial Relation and Labor Law Full Professor Michel Martone, Italy
  • South East European University, Faculty of Business and Economics Assistant Professor Veland Ramadani, Macedonia
  • Romanian Competition Council, Industry and Energy Department Director Daniel Chilea, Romania
  • Institute for Foreign Trade Development, Castilla-La Mancha Region Managing Director Angel Prieto Sotos, Spain
  • Member of Parliament Jessica Rosencrantz, Sweden
  • Karacadag Development Agency Secretary General Dr. Ilhan Karakoyun, Turkey
  • Scottish Futures Trust Director of Finance Peter Reekie, United Kingdom