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Takes Another Step Toward Opening City Government

PITTSBURGH, PA – Beginning next week, City of Pittsburgh residents will have access to three regular meetings on Mayor William Peduto’s public schedule including meetings with City Council leadership, department directors, and Act 47/ICA overseers.

“I’ve always said sunlight is the best disinfectant,” said Mayor Peduto. “We’re going to open these important meetings to the public so the people can see what we’re working on and what we’re discussing.”

Mayor Peduto will begin holding regular meetings with department directors on Mondays at 4 p.m. These meetings will be televised on City Channel Pittsburgh (Comcast Channel 13 and Verizon Channel 44).

Minutes from regular weekly meetings with City Council President Bruce Kraus, Finance Chair Natalia Rudiak, and President Pro-Tem Theresa Kail-Smith will be posted to the City’s website within 24 hours after the meeting concludes.

Additionally, minutes from regular meetings with the Act 47/ICA overseers will be posted. These meetings will be critical as the Mayor and his staff begin work on a final Act 47 recovery plan this spring.