Screen capture courtesy of What is Organizing for Action? video

Are you passionate about creating jobs and strengthening the middle class? Do you want to fix our broken immigration system? Will you fight climate change? Do you yearn to prevent gun violence? Do you want to get the facts out about ObamaCare? Will you work to protect women’s rights and ensure marriage equality? If advocating on behalf of progressive issues like these is where you heart lies, you have until January 12th to apply for an Organizing for Action Spring Fellowship.

OfA Fellows will learn best practices in the areas of community organizing, media relations, and grassroots fundraising. You will become part of the next generation of grassroots organizers that will keep fighting for change.

This Fellowship is an unpaid, volunteer program, but they are looking for people who are willing to give their all. You can learn more about Organizing for Action here (and in the video below). Apply online here. The Spring Fellowship begins in February.