wholey, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from David Kent’s photostream

Do you happen to know of a good home for a 100 foot long fish? Well, an iconic 100 foot long smiling fish sign, that is. The Wholey’s smiling fish sign has been part of the Pittsburgh landscape for nearly a quarter century. Now, the building that it’s on is about to become condos and the sign needs a new home.

Wholey’s Fish Market and Mayor Elect Bill Peduto want to make sure that the fish continues to smile over Pittsburgh and they’re asking for your help:

“As we look to the new, we don’t just want to throw out the old. We don’t want to throw out the smiling fish of Pittsburgh,” Mayor-elect Bill Peduto said. “You help us find the location. You get the permission from the property owner and then the city will help you to make it real.”

You have until January 31st to nominate a location. Just make sure it’s within the city limits and the property owner needs to give their permission, of course. The location that get’s the most nominations will win (Peduto has promised to help with zoning issues).

To nominate a location:

* Stop in at Wholey’s and drop a nomination in one of the red boxes

* “Like” Wholey’s on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @wholeys. Post a nomination using the hashtag #smilingfish — and share your favorite memory of the sign

* Email a nomination to


Wholey’s by Night, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Hryck.’s photostream