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For over three decades the Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development (PPND) has served as a clearinghouse between funders and CDCs; providing vision, strategy and technical assistance — along with capital — to local community development efforts. PPND was one of the nation’s first community development intermediaries. While Pittsburgh has undergone a real transformation in those decades, the positive changes have, unfortunately, not been citywide. In recognition of this inequality, PPND will transform itself into Neighborhood Allies early next year and is seeking an Executive Director to lead the way:

Neighborhood Allies is seeking a dynamic individual with the vision and strategic sensibilities to pick up where the Board and consultants have ended their planning, and continue the exciting trajectory well into the organization’s implementation phase. The Pittsburgh region has been appropriately criticized for not being most livable for all and has some systemic income, health and opportunity disparities that must be addressed. In short, the time is right to rethink how community development services are communicated, delivered, and implemented. That process begins today.

If you have the operational savvy, strategic skills and passions, combined with a deep understanding and credibility at working with distressed and transitional communities, please check out the full job listing for the executive director position here. The deadline to apply is Friday, December 27 at 5:00 PM.


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