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Vibrant Pittsburgh and the Urban Affairs Foundation (part of the Community Relations Council of Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh) are seeking diverse, nonprofit community groups which work to create opportunities for civic engagement, community involvement and volunteerism. The Mini Grants Initiative: 2014 Civic Inclusion & Engagement Fund’s goal is to fund projects that, over time, “will result in stronger, more connected diverse communities that support one another’s efforts and collectively work to grow a welcoming and inclusive Pittsburgh region.”

Funding requests will be available for both new initiatives as well as efforts that expand existing programs. Grants in the program range from $1,000 to $7,500 with a total of $50,000 to be allocated. Their FAQ sheet is here and the application is here.

Selection criteria for the grants are as follows:

1. Creativity and innovation: how creative and innovative is the proposed project?

2. Clarity of presentation: is the proposed project articulated in a clear and concise manner?

3. Breadth and depth of impact: how will this project impact the diversity of the communities in the Pittsburgh Region?

4. Likelihood of success: what is the likelihood that the applicant will achieve its project objectives and outcomes?

5. Timeframe: how long will the project last and can it be successfully sustained over the proposed timeline?

6. Collaborative approach: is the proposed project a collaborative effort? What strengths do partner agencies bring to the table?

7. Expected success: What is the definition of success and how will success be assessed?

The deadline for submissions is 5:00 pm, Friday, December 13, 2013.


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