Pittsburgh By Night, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Kris Mortensen’s photostream

They say a picture is worth a thousand words–yours could be worth a $250.00 gift card! Vibrant Pittsburgh’s mission is embracing inclusion by helping our region attract and maintain a diverse workforce and promoting our region nationally and internationally as welcoming to all. They want you to help show off how Pittsburgh has been transformed into a stunning city. They’re holding a contest–“Pittsburgh: A City Transformed”–to find the photograph that best represents the beauty of Pittsburgh’s transformation.

There are three ways to enter your photo:

  • Enter via Facebook: Like their page here. And click on the Pgh Photo Contest app and fill out the form and upload your photograph and hit “Submit.”
  • Enter via Instagram: Use the hashtag #VibrantPittsburgh
  • Enter via Twitter: Use the hashtag #VibrantPittsburgh

And, don’t forget to share the contest to get additional entries and tell your family and friends to vote for your photo by clicking the “vote” button.

We know you appreciate how beautiful Pittsburgh is–here’s your chance to let everyone else see it too. Enter today!