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Via The Office of the Mayor-Elect:

Mayor-Elect Peduto Invites Applications for Transition Teams

PITTSBURGH – Mayor-Elect Bill Peduto announced today the formation of transition teams to guide the succession toward a new Peduto Administration in January.

The Mayor-Elect invited city residents to submit applications to join a transition team by signing up on-line via the Peduto Transition Committee website located at

The application period begins today and will close at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 18. Eight transition teams have been commissioned, with the following missions:

♦ Economic Development: offer recommendations to strengthen the City of Pittsburgh as the continued economic engine of our region. (Chair: Kevin Acklin)

♦ Innovation & Performance: offer recommendations to foster a culture of innovation and accountability necessary to make Pittsburgh a world class city. (Chair: Debra Lam)

♦ Administration & Finance: offer recommendations to overhaul all personnel and finance functions to enhance investments in our city workforce. (Chair: Debbie Lestitian)

♦ Operations & Infrastructure: offer recommendations to overhaul all operational functions to improve the delivery of services to city residents. (Chair: Guy Costa)

♦ Housing & Urban Empowerment: offer recommendations to enhance the quality of housing and services for residents of Pittsburgh’s low and moderate income neighborhoods. (Chair: Valerie McDonald-Roberts)

♦ Education & Neighborhood Reinvestment: offer recommendations to improve educational opportunities and small business redevelopment in city neighborhoods. (Chair: Dr. Curtiss Porter)

♦ Public Safety: offer recommendations to improve the delivery of public safety resources to make Pittsburgh one of the safest cities in America. (Chair: Mayor-Elect Peduto)

♦ Law & Ethics: offer recommendations to foster a culture of respect for the rule of law and ethics across all functions of city government. (Chair: Lourdes Sanchez Ridge)

“Consistent with my long-held vision to open up city government to the public, I invite all city residents to apply to join our transition teams and become a direct part of building a new Pittsburgh,” said Mayor-Elect Peduto.

Selections of transition team members are expected to be finalized by Friday, November 22. Co-Chairs of each team will also be announced at the conclusion of the selection process.

Each transition team will be charged by their respective Co-Chairs with evaluating specific issues and making recommendations for adoption by the incoming Peduto Administration.

Transition teams are expected to formally commence their work beginning on Monday, November 25, and finish by the end of the year.

“We are intentionally setting a December 31 deadline, to focus each transition team on addressing critical issues within their area of expertise, so that we can hit the ground running to serve the public in January,” said Peduto transition committee chairman, Kevin Acklin.


Almost 200 Residents Apply for Peduto Transition Teams

PITTSBURGH – Mayor-Elect Bill Peduto is pleased to report that within two hours of today’s launch of the application process, over 100 city residents signed up to serve on transition teams.

By 4:00 p.m., the number of applicants on the website had almost doubled.

“I am honored and excited by the initial response in the community, and I encourage more residents to sign up to take part in building a new Pittsburgh,” said Mayor-Elect Peduto.

The application period for on-line applications (located at will close at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 18.