Image courtesy of Most Wanted Fine Art website

Most Wanted Fine Art (MWFA) is more than just an art gallery. Artist and owner Jason Sauer and film producer Nina Gibbs (married to Jason) have created something that has greatly added to the revitalization of their Garfield neighborhood. Located in the Penn Avenue Arts District of Pittsburgh, the gallery also serves as a studio and performance space. But more than that, Sauer works with the Green+Screen project, which joins professional architects and designers with local youth from the community to develop sculpture for empty lots along Penn Ave. And MWFA works with disadvantaged youth and ex-offenders through Goodwill–teaching them construction skills and offering them competitive wages. Most Wanted Fine Art has the chance to get a Mission Main Street℠ Grant and all you have to do to help them is vote for them here.

Mission Main Street℠ Grants is a program by JPMorgan Chase Bank to increase awareness of the importance that small businesses play in local communities and to help these small businesses grow. Google is the Premier Sponsor of the program. Chase will be awarding 12 small businesses $250,000 each to expand and grow their business.

But, in order to be considered for one of these grants, the business has to receive at least 250 votes in the next couple of days. All you need to do to help out one of our own local businesses–Most Wanted Fine Art–is take a few seconds of your time to vote for them here (you will be required to connect your Facebook account to vote). If everyone who reads this votes, they’ll have no problem qualifying–so click the link now!


Most Wanted Fine Art (and Plymouth), a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from joseph a’s photostream