I’m Quite Proud of My Brains Today, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Rishi Bandopadhay’s photostream

The Neighborhood Learning Alliance is non profit started ten years ago whose mission is to improve the education and opportunities of African-American and lower income families through partnerships with community and faith-based organizations. One of their programs is Reading Warriors — a six-week, summer program designed to boost both interest and proficiency in reading for elementary school students who are currently behind in their skills. The program partners high school students with the younger children on a one-on-one mentoring basis. The kids not only get to choose which books they’ll read — they also get to keep them.


Photos courtesy of Neighborhood Learning Alliance

Reading Warriors’ goal is to log one million hours of reading this summer and they’ve already achieved over 250,000 minutes towards that end! Now, they need your help to show these children that the community values all their work:

It’s simple. Show up with a book and read alongside them for 15 minutes. Or join in with a reading warrior pair.

The more people show up, the stronger the message to our kids…that TONS of people read for fun, and you can read anywhere, anytime.

To join in this public display of reading, grab a book and head on over to the steps of the East Liberty Presbyterian Church (on the Penn Ave side) on Tuesday, July 20th at 11:00 AM (map).

You can also like their Facebook page here to keep updated on all their activities.