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“Vamos Meninas!” means “Let’s Go Girls!” in Portuguese. It’s the working title of a one-hour documentary film by the Women and Girls Foundation (WGF) in Pittsburgh and ELAS Women’s Social Investment Fund in Rio de Janeiro that’s currently in the production stage. Written and directed by WGF’s CEO, Heather Arnet, the film is about female presidents. It will debut on Pittsburgh’s own WQED this fall, tour college campuses, and is meant to inspire girls for generations to come.

In 2011, Dilma Rousseff became the first female president of Brazil. Currently, women hold the top office in Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica, as well as in Brazil. Arnet traveled to Brazil earlier this year with Veronica Marques (Co-Executive Director, ELAS) interviewing over twenty women and men about their new Madame Presidentá. Their questions included:

How Brazil came to elect its first woman president, Dilma Rousseff, in 2010? What impact her presidency is having on global markets, women’s rights and opportunities? And what can American women and businesses learn from our Brazilian sisters and their passionate and successful surge towards economic prosperity and political leadership.



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Arnet was inspired by her grandmother, Vivian (age 96), who regaled her with stories of Arnet’s great grandmother, Mary, who marched the streets of New York for women to earn the right to vote as a suffragette. In Vivian’s lifetime, fifty women have run for president, yet the glass ceiling remains intact.

Having already raised much of the money needed to complete the film, WGF still needs your help to take this project over the finish line. They have a Kickstarter campaign which ends at 5:00pm tomorrow, July 13th. They have a goal of $25,000 and have raised more than half of that with over 100 backers to date. But those of you familiar with Kickstarter know that if they fall even a dollar short of the goal, they won’t get any of the money — it’s all or nothing.

You can make a donation here and see more about the film in the trailer below.

Let’s go girls (and guys too) and make this film a reality.