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Do you have the skills and the passion to use technology to make cities work better? Are you a developer, designer, researcher, data enthusiast, urban planner, or entrepreneur or wants to give back? Do you think being called a “web geek” is a badge of honor? If you answered yes, Code for America is looking for you to be part of their 2014 fellowship program.

Code for America is a nonprofit program which connects technology mavens with city governments in order to better leverage technology to bring our cities into the 21st Century. Through projects such as creating apps and opening datasets, Code for America Fellows help cities to work better for their citizens and bring the efficiency and openess of the Internet to City Hall.


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This is an 11-month program. Fellows get a crash course in municipal government, receive mentoring from industry giants, build invaluable connections with other talents in their field and, best of all, have the opportunity to create something of real worth (you’ll also get a living-wage stipend, travel expenses, and healthcare).

Code for America needs individuals who can provide examples of their skills and who can be available full-time in the San Francisco Bay Area starting in January 2014 through November 2014.

If this sounds like a dream opportunity to you, you’ll need to apply online here by the July 31st deadline.