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While Pittsburgh has been rightly celebrated as America’s “Most Livable City,” the renewal has not been citywide — many neighborhoods have not shared in the growth and progress. The Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development (PPND) mission is to serve as a new catalyst for raising the opportunity level for all of the city’s communities and their residents. One of the ways they do this is through their Catalytic Projects Grant Program.

These grants are for nonprofit organizations working on projects that support Pittsburgh neighborhoods which need the most help including those with poor educational options, high crime, lack of affordable quality housing, lack of businesses, low wealth, etc. The grants offered range between $25,000 and $75,000.

What makes these grants unique is while they do offer money for projects that have already reached the implementation stage, they focus on grants that help at the earliest stages of a project or serve to leverage attainment of more traditional sources of funding. From their website:

We are particularly interested in investing in early stage ideas and in responding to emerging needs and opportunities. Communities need resources to test concepts, study the feasibility of good ideas, and engage partners before new ideas can be launched. One niche for this program is in project and program concepts that traditional funding sources may consider premature or untested. Grants can be used to support all costs, including staffing, related to achieving measurable results and moving concepts forward.

If you are an organization needing funding that can serve as a catalyst to help bring to fruition a creative, innovative, collaborative program or project, the application for a grant can be found here. And, these are the key dates that you need to keep in mind:

• June 26, 2013, 10am-noon OR 5pm to 6pm: Catalytic Projects Workshop at Bruno Building, 945 Liberty Avenue (please RSVP for one workshop session to sarah@ppnd.org).

• July 31, 2013 at 5pm: Proposals are to be received by 5 pm by email (sarah@ppnd.org) or postal mail to Pittsburgh Partnership for Neighborhood Development, 425 Sixth Avenue, Suite 1740, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 to the attention of Sarah Dieleman Perry, Program Officer.



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