Rush-Hour Peduto Rally at Prevailing Wage Construction Site

Pittsburgh- A diverse alliance of labor, community and environmental groups rallied in support of Bill Peduto this morning.

Peduto supporters from groups including 32BJ SEIU, The Sierra Club, United Steelworkers, UFCW, Ironworkers, IATSE, Clean Water Action, and the League of Conservation Voters gathered at the Gardens at Market Square—the first development which will be fully covered under the 2009 Service Worker Prevailing Wage Bill strongly supported by Bill Peduto.

Bill Peduto was a strong supporter of the 2009 Service Worker Prevailing Wage Bill. The $81.8 million project, The Gardens at Market Square, will be the first Pittsburgh development covered by prevailing wage and clean construction legislation. The construction site represents Peduto’s fight to ensure that new development benefit more than just developers and big banks by using clean construction and ensuring good jobs “from shovel to broom.”