Department Of Truth, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Watt_Dabney’s photostream

MAY 16, 2013 – A group of ministers gathered outside of the City-County Building Thursday to urge Jack Wagner to stop using deceptive tactics in his campaign for Mayor. All four ministers who spoke have worked with Bill Peduto on a variety of issues over years.

An activist and Presbyterian Rev. Ken Love said he knows “for a fact that what Wagner is saying in some of his ads is wrong. If you’re going to speak, let’s speak the truth to the people.”

Love stated that Wagner’s claim that Peduto didn’t take a voluntary pay cut in order to save police jobs was particularly troubling.

“It’s documented,” he said.

Rev. Maureen Cross Bolden, who is active in several community organizations, spoke to Peduto’s character. “I have seen Mr. Peduto over the years in circumstances and situations struggling with trying to make the right decisions and standing up for the people of Pittsburgh.”

Regarding Wagner’s television commercials and claims, “Any time you have to lie to make your point, something is wrong. I would rather that Mr. Wagner and the powers that be would say what they are going to do to upgrade and help instead of using their time and money and resources to beat somebody down, especially with falsehoods.”

Imaam Jibril Abdulhafith had this to say: “I am tired of this deception. If we want to represent people, we don’t have to put hate in the media. We talk about all the crime in the community level, but look at what’s happening on the upper level.”

The need for civility was the focus of Imaam AbduSemi’h A. Tadese’s comments. “I have known Mr. Peduto personally for many years…and I know these things that Mr. Wagner is saying are lies. Those who have something to say should say it based on facts.”