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Each paper has distinctly different readers but all agree with Peduto’s vision for a new Pittsburgh

May 15, 2013, Pittsburgh, PA – Three newspapers with diverse readerships have endorsed Bill Peduto this week. The South Pittsburgh Reporter, the New Pittsburgh Courier, and The Pitt News all agree that Bill Peduto has the best plan to move Pittsburgh forward.

A weekly publication with a distribution of 10,000, the South Pittsburgh Reporter said, “In the Democratic Primary race for Mayor on May 21 the choice is clear for Pittsburgh and South Pittsburgh: Bill Peduto.”

The New Pittsburgh Courier, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious African-American publications, said, “Peduto is our choice.”

The University of Pittsburgh’s Pitt News said, “He’s demonstrated a clear command on policy issues, an enthusiasm that the city needs and support at both the county and state levels.”

“Our campaign is a grassroots effort. We believe these endorsements reflect that voters want a new Pittsburgh that opens government and opportunities to all residents. I am honored to have earned their endorsement,” said Peduto.