US Dollar Bill, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from SqueakyMarmot’s photostream

May 7, 2013, Pittsburgh, PA – With the most recent polls showing Jack Wagner falling behind Bill Peduto in the race for mayor, Wagner, despite saying he is opposed to negative campaign ads, has joined his Republican-allies in an assault on Councilman Peduto’s character. The public is still waiting for Wagner to explain his voting record.

The Wagner campaign issued a release that took issue with the amount of Councilman Peduto’s voluntary pay cut.

A leader leads by example. Peduto voted to cut his pay to fund other city departments. Peduto voted for a bill that authorized the establishment of a program in which city employees could voluntarily cause a 2% percent reduction in their salaries for the pay periods for the remainder of 2003. [9/2/03, R 2003-2224, Passed 7-1] The resolution stipulated that funds “derived from the voluntary contribution shall only be used for regular salaries for employees that are threatened to be laid-off due to budgetary reasons.”

Peduto said during the debate on the resolution: “It was actually brought to my attention by a detective from the Narcotics Bureau when we were trying to come up with a way to save the 102. He said to me I would take a 10% decrease in my pay and I know a lot of my other officers would do the same.” [Debate Transcript, 8/26/03]

Peduto said during the debate on the resolution, “I want to let you know that I took you up on your offer and, as of my last paycheck, I’m now 2% less. So I think it is a good way of showing we’re all on the same team and we need to do this.” [Debate Transcript, 8/26/03]

In contrast, Jack Wagner voted for automatic pay increases, raising his own salary by more than $17,000. He later voted to boost his own pension by 50%. How many jobs did this save? Zero.

Our challenge to Wagner remains: Give it back, Jack.