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Receives Republican Payback for Supporting Their Policies

May 3, 2013, Pittsburgh, PA – Four days after a Republican media firm began airing a false, negative ad attacking City Councilman Bill Peduto; Jack Wagner still refuses to explain his ties to prominent Republicans in this race for Mayor of Pittsburgh.

Though Wagner feigns ignorance of the ad connected to the outfit that placed the infamous “Swift Boat” ads that attacked Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry, he has failed to release campaign finance records to disprove that the same Republicans who are funding his attacks are also funding his campaign.

“It’s been four days and Jack Wagner still refuses to come clean about his ties to Republicans who are trying to influence this election,” Peduto Communications Director Sonya Toler said. “Jack Wagner supported Republican plans to cut health care for 100,000, including children, so it is no surprise that Republicans are coming to his aid with false attacks on Democrat Bill Peduto. It is four days later and Jack Wagner still owes the Democrats of Pittsburgh an explanation as to why he has aligned himself with the Republican Party.”

“The people of Pittsburgh want a mayor who will fight for Democratic principles such as protecting children, standing up for seniors and defending workers. They know that Bill Peduto is the only candidate in this race who has these shared Democratic values,” Toler said.