Image courtesy of BPC

APRIL 27, 2013 – In his latest ad, Jack Wagner seeks to avoid the important issues in this race by running away from his own voting record and experience. Wagner has not disputed the facts raised in Bill Peduto’s latest comparative commercial.

On the budget, Wagner is on the record as siding with Republicans. The cuts targeted by Gov. Corbett would cut essential services like Meals on Wheels and cut health care for more than 100,000 people. On the budget cuts, Wagner said, “I think Corbett was right.”

When Jack Wagner was in the state Senate, he voted for automatic pay raise– increasing his own salary by more than $17,000 – and acknowledged that it was a way to sidestep the publicity of voting for a large pay increase every year. In the material provided by the campaign, Wagner speaks of voting himself a pay raise, “I believed it was the right thing to do.”

Being a leader means that you do the right thing even when you think that no one is watching. The facts are that Wagner voted himself a pay raise and a 50% increase in his pension. He sided with Republicans in cutting essential services for our seniors, families, and children. When times were tough, Bill Peduto voluntarily cut his own salary to save police jobs.