Pittsburgh – WALLPAPER, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from kris.mortensen’s photostream

A world-class city deserves world-class transportation. A major deficit in our current transportation system involves our taxicab industry. Across this city, I hear from residents, visitors, and business owners that they want more transportation options. Taxicabs are definitely a part of that puzzle. With a more robust taxicab system, we can get more cars off the roads, freeing up parking spaces and reducing the impact of the nighttime economy on our residential communities. But anyone who has sought out a taxicab in Pittsburgh, especially in the evening, knows how difficult it can be. We should change that and make sure that we are providing enough taxicabs to give people an additional transportation option.

1. Establishing Taxi Stands in Business Districts
Downtown shouldn’t be the only place in Pittsburgh to catch a cab. My administration will follow the recommendations of responsible hospitality policies across the country and establish taxi stands in our business districts. Pittsburghers won’t have to worry about trying to hail a cab because there will be spots to pick up a cab and go! Taxi stands will incentivize cabs to serve our business districts and give visitors confidence that they will be able to get a taxi to go home. Pittsburgh is never going to need as many cabs circling the streets as a city like New York, but the demand for more taxis certainly exists here and if we can provide set locations where people know they can get a cab it will be good for the industry as well as for the people who need safe, reliable transportation.

2. Expanding Service Options

The Pennsylvania Utilities Commission currently regulates the number of taxi companies operating in Pittsburgh, yet demand suggests that there is room for many more taxicabs to enter the Pittsburgh market. I will work with our partners in Harrisburg to make it easier for new companies to enter the market while protecting independent operators. A more competitive taxi industry will increase the size of the market, helping all companies grow.