Roundtable Discussion…, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from sah1365’s photostream

We have dozens of community organizations across the city, from block watches to concerned citizens councils to full-time community development corporations. And though every neighborhood is unique, we face many common challenges. We need to collaborate and build off of each other’s success if all 90 neighborhoods are to truly equal America’s most livable city. We have much to learn from each other. Talking can often lead to new partnerships, new initiatives, and new solutions to common challenges.

1. Community Roundtables

As mayor, I will create opportunities to bring representatives of community groups together in a roundtable on a regular basis. My office will invite representatives of block watches, community councils, and community development corporations to participate in community conversations to discuss common challenges and share what is working in communities around the city. Representatives from community groups across the city will get regular and recurring face time with city officials to go over particular problems, and can chat with each other to learn best practices. We will bring guest speakers to talk about public safety, community development, and transportation. It is my hope that these formal and informal conversations will spread progress all over the city and create new bonds between neighborhoods.

2. Connecting Community Groups to City Services

My office will provide resources for community groups to grow and mature. We will take the success of the Block Watch in a Box program and expand it to community councils and community development corporations. We will also create new programs to grow capacity within organizations and empower them to take action in their communities. If groups are interested, we will help provide assistance in setting up financial accounts and investigating tax exemption. My office will serve as a speaker’s bureau that will help match groups to presenters that will help them accomplish their goals.

It should be a clear goal of the Mayor’s office to assist community groups in achieving their goals and serve as a facilitator and problem-solver across the city