Fountain Rainbow in Pittsburgh, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from taberandrew’s photostream

What a week it has been for Team Peduto. Momentum continues to build as we approach the May primary.

On Tuesday, it was announced we had passed a significant milestone of $500K in fundraising. This positions the campaign well to continue sharing our vision for a better Pittsburgh with voters.

We gathered in a Brookline coffee Thursday, where the campaign was given nods of support from the elected leadership of South Pittsburgh – City Councilmembers Natalia Rudiak and Bruce Kraus, and State Representative Erin C. Molchany. This show of support clearly separates us from the pack as being able to collaborate with officials on all levels of government to move Pittsburgh in a better direction. This campaign is about all of Pittsburgh and we have the most political support south of the rivers.

As if that was not enough, an independent poll released Thursday shows us ahead of the pack with 89 percent total name ID and 52 percent favorability. Click here to read more.

Enthusiastic residents continue to get involved in our grassroots effort, and we anticipate more exciting announcements in the coming days.