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Are you a tech savvy entrepreneur looking to bring your skills and talents to a wider stage? How would you like to broaden your reach on a massive scale while serving your government? The Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) program seeks to bring the innovation, creativity and rapid turnaround found in the private sector to the government to develop solutions that “can save lives, save taxpayer money, and fuel job creation.” The program creates teams of government and non government innovators to work on specific projects to improve the lives of our citizenry. Think of it as a 6-12 month “tour of duty” where you can make real change on a scale that rivals your dreams.


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Past fellow, Ryan Panchadsaram, worked on the Blue Button for America project which gave millions of veterans and other Americans the ability to securely download their own health records. In speaking of PIF and the melding of the two worlds of the private and government sectors, he noted the following:

“We were able to try to move this big ship as fast as possible in a direction and it was quite powerful.”

If you feel the call to serve, PIF is now accepting applictions for their second round of the program which will include expansions on the projects from the first round, as well as projects which focus on such things as Disaster Response and Recovery, Cyber-Physical Systems, and 21st Century Financial Systems. In addition to looking for people with coding and other tech skills, they also are seeking individuals who have skills in user experience design, product management, project management, business development, and operations reengineering.

You can read more about the program at the White House website here and here and you can apply to be a fellow online here. The deadline for this round is March 17, 2013. And, you can “meet” some of the past fellows in the following video.