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On February 4th, Bill Peduto filed a petition seeking clarification from the Allegheny County Board of Elections regarding several ambiguities and irregularities contained in the 2012 year-end campaign finance report of Pittsburgh City Controller Michael Lamb. The petition both questions the legitimacy of using Lamb’s City Controller campaign account to raise funds for a Mayoral bid and as to whether Lamb triggered what is known as the “Millionaire’s Clause” with his personal contribution to his own campaign.

On February 7th, a statement was issued by the Peduto Campaign noting that $204,400 of the reported $909,695 cash on hand raised by Luke Ravenstahl cannot be used in the primary race. Additionally, Ravenstahl has refunded only $13,000 of the $37,500 in excess contributions, and must refund an additional $24,500 in excess contributions under the city’s campaign finance rules. Thus leaving Ravenstahl with $680,795 for the primary and not the near one million originally reported.


Stack o’ Cash, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from MoneyBlogNewz’s photostream