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January 15, 2013

Eric Hagarty

PITTSBURGH – In just the final three months of 2012, Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto raised $329,671.38, for an average of nearly $110,000 per month – a haul that far outpaces Ravenstahl, who managed to add only $440k to his campaign coffers after an entire year of fundraising.

It is not unusual for a six-year incumbent mayor to raise large sums of money; it is unprecedented in City politics for a challenger to outpace the incumbent by such a large amount.

Peduto’s fundraising totals included contributions from nearly 500 donors who gave less than $250. 89% of Peduto’s donors have not yet given the maximum allowable under campaign finance regulations, and 98.03% of the money he has raised is eligible to be spent in the primary election.


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