East Allegheny Skyline View, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from joseph a’s photostream

PCRG (Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group) dedicates itself to the revitalization of urban neighborhoods. Since 1988, this coalition of nonprofit community-based organizations and their partners has worked to build complete communities that are safe and stable and that have fair access to capital. This spring, they will be hosting their third annual PCRG Community Development Summit. The summit will bring together over 500 individuals from across the country to:

[E]xplore new ideas and emerging themes in organizational development, community planning, land recycling, affordable housing, transit-oriented development, and neighborhood revitalization.


Pittsburgh, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from peter.howe’s photostream

PCRG has partnered with the Urban Land Institute – Pittsburgh District Council to bring together the two-day summit in May, along with PCN Bank (title sponsor). They have issued a call for presenters for breakout sessions. There will be 12 in total and they need to broadly fit the theme of the summit — “25 Years of Building Complete Communities” — and be diverse in subject matter, content, and format. A session should also fit within one of the following tracks:

  • Investing in the Built Environment
  • Stimulating Neighborhood Economies
  • Enhancing Quality of Life
  • Engaging Community & Leveraging Capacity

Proposals must be received by January 11th. You can submit a proposal here and learn more details about the summit at their website.