Bill Peduto officially announcing his mayoral run. Photo by Larry Rippel.

“Building Bridges” was the theme as Bill Peduto officially announced that he is running for Mayor of Pittsburgh last night to a wildly enthusiastic crowd of 1,300 in the Strip District. People for Peduto Chair, Cecile Springer, started the proceedings; revving up the crowd and introducing County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald stressed the need for partnerships. He said that he was a city resident who cared deeply about the place where he and his family lives. He noted that “Governance is hard work. It’s not about going to movie premieres; it’s not about going to Steelers games … [it’s] not about going golfing.” Fitzgerald officially endorsed Peduto saying he couldn’t “think of anyone better to take the mantle on the fifth floor.” He then introduced Bill Peduto as “the next mayor of the City of Pittsburgh.”


Bill Peduto and Rich Fitzgerald. Photo by Larry Rippel.

Peduto bounded on stage and began by asking the audience to take a look around the room as he said, “You are Pittsburgh,” noting the diversity present. He asked people to help him to “make this city the city we know it can be” to loud applause. Peduto reminded the audience that Pittsburgh is a city in transition. He noted that the building where he made his announcement used to be a steel mill — much like the one where his grandfather worked — and that now Pittsburghers look at our Eds & Meds Economy in the same way that his grandfather’s generation looked at the steel mills. Peduto added that his Council district was the only one that had growth — 10% — and that he wanted to bring that same kind of growth to every district in Pittsburgh.

Throughout his speech, Peduto referred to the theme of building bridges. Building bridges as in building a new coalition in the city. Building bridges between Pittsburgh’s past and Pittsburgh’s future. Building bridges that will empower people to have a say in what happens in their own neighborhoods and which connects them to each other and that will “break the shackles of the rusty old political machine” in this town. Building a Bridge to the 21st Century that both respects our past while giving us a vision and path to a brighter future.

As Bill Peduto ended his speech, the curtains behind him opened to reveal his new logo — one which features an iconic gold Pittsburgh bridge.

Bill needs your help to Build a Bridge to the 21st Century for Pittsburgh! Please click on the Volunteer/Donate buttons on this website.


Bill Peduto in the Media Room. Photo by Larry Rippel.

Media Coverage from 12/13/12: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tribune-Review, KDKA, WTAE, WPXI