boo bicycles, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from nchenga’s photostream

Love Bikes is a full-service bicycle shop in Lawrenceville. The shop has been there for a year and a half and has been a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Now, owner Nic Brungo would like to try something a little different: producing hand-built bamboo bicycle frames and complete bikes. Nic learned how to build bamboo bike frames at a small shop in Brooklyn. He wants to bring that skill to our city:

Bamboo bicycles are essentially, functional Art. Not only are they beautiful, they represent ingenuity and can inspire creativity. They promote environmental and cultural awareness. They give their riders and the people that build them a real sense of pride that what they’re riding and what they’re making is unique and ecological. And best of all, bamboo really makes a great bike. It’s light, it’s stronger than steel, it’s comfortable, and it’s budget-friendly.

Eventually I’d like all the bamboo used in our bicycles to be grown and harvested right here in Pittsburgh. I’d like to offer free seminars a few times a year to people that want to learn about bamboo bikes and how they’re made. I’d even like to offer one on one studio time for those who’d like to build their own bike right here in the shop.

Courtesy of Love Bikes Facebook page.

Nic has set up an indiegogo fundraising page for the Love Bikes bamboo bicycle project to get it going. The money raised will be used to purchase tools, jigs, and materials to start producing their first line of bikes. If you want to help the environment and a local, small business, become part of the project by making a donation here. The deadline for contributing funds is Sunday, December 9th at 11:59 PM PT.

The following video from Stalk Bicycles in Oakland, California shows a bit of the process of making these sustainable bikes: