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ReEnergize Pgh is a community-based initiative by GTECH Strategies for Allegheny County seeking to increase residential energy efficiency — and in the process — save residents money, help to create jobs, and improve the quality of our air. ReEnergize Pgh focuses on equipping and informing residents about home energy efficiency. Other partners in the program include the city, the county, the Breathe Project and other public and private organizations.

Energy efficiency can be improved in a variety of ways. Relatively inexpensive fixes such as caulking, weather stripping and improving insulation can provide big savings. Even more savings and efficiency can be achieved through more capital-intensive improvements such as adding a new heat pump or HVAC system. Home Energy Audits can be conducted to both pinpoint where a home is losing energy and inform homeowners how best to correct any problems.

Afternoon project: learning how to wield a caulk gun (with help from YouTube)., a Creative Commons
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There are two ways to join ReEnergize Pgh. CBOs and municipalities interested in educating their residents about home energy efficiency can apply as a ReEnergize Community. Individuals who want to help communities on the grassroots level can apply to join as ReEnergize Ambassadors. Communities need to apply by October 23rd and potential Ambassadors by November 1st.

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