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Pittsburgh Cares has been making volunteering easy since 1992. They’re a nonprofit organization growing a sustainable culture of volunteerism and community involvement by offering a more user-friendly, flexible approach to volunteer service. One way to maximize community involvement is to get people interested in issues while they’re still young. Pittsburgh Cares has created a video competition for youths (ages 5 – 18) called “Who Cares?” wherein participants create a 60 second video about the one thing they’d change in their community to make it a better place. You can be funny or serious as long as your video is passionate and creative.

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There’s a three-step process for this contest:

Lights, camera, action–it’s all you! And it’s all so easy. Just make a short 60 second video that reflects the theme–making our region a better place! Be passionate. Be creative. Be concise.

Once your masterpiece is complete, submit it to Pittsburgh Cares YouTube page as a video response to our Who Cares video and fill out a submission form. Make sure you do this by October 15, 2012.

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your teachers. Tell everyone to watch your video on Pittsburgh Cares’ Facebook page and “LIKE” both the video and Pittsburgh Cares! The video with the most likes, wins!

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The deadline to submit the video by Monday, October 15, 2012. The competition is open to Western Pennsylvania residents. voting will end on Monday, October 29, 2012. Winners get to choose between receiving a $500 mini-grant to help get started on a project to make a change or $500 to make a donation to the charity of their choice. The full rules can be seen here.