Outstretched Arms (explored!), a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from Taylor.McBride™’s photostream

Who couldn’t use a little inspiration in their lives? How about some good news for a change? Do we have a show for you! Dr. Shellie Hipsky is an Associate Education Professor at Robert Morris University, author of her 5th book “Ordinary People Extraordinary Planet,” an entrepreneur, a global public speaker, and now the host of the TV talk show “Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie.” The show tells the life stories of people who have not only triumphed over personal obstacles and tragic circumstances, but who have gone on to thrive and to reach out to make a positive difference in the lives of others. It also has segments like “Gratitude Giving” which features companies that give a portion of their profits to charities around the world. Guests on the program will include:

• Getrude Matshe, the current International Rooney Scholar at Robert Morris University who is the founder and CEO of Africa Alive Education Foundation, an organization that supports HIV orphans.

• Roy Juarez, Jr. was homeless at 14 with his siblings so as an adult he founded the Homeless by Choice Tour which inspired 100,000 youth to dream, not give up on life, and understand the value of a higher education.

• Alicia Kozakiewicz, Pittsburgh survivor of the first cyber predator kidnapping who founded “The Alicia Project” a foundation that helps give a voice to exploited and missing children.

The Inspiring Lives Team, image courtesy of “Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie”

“Inspiring Lives with Dr. Shellie” will air its premiere episode on Monday, September 24 at 7:30 PM on the PCNC Channel (Comcast: 35, Armstrong: 31 & 34, Atlantic Broadband: 63, Verizon FIOS: 9). It will also air on the Manhattan News Network in New York City and stream globally online. A website, www.InspiringLivesInternational.com, will launch the same day as the show.

In the following video, Dr. Shellie talks about her new show: