Country Squire, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from joseph a’s photostream

You’ve all seen the web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” right? If not, it’s exactly what it sounds like: Jerry Seinfeld takes a comedian buddy out for coffee. There’s video of iconic cars, beauty shots of coffee and cappuccino being made, and of course, the conversation between Jerry and his pals. The New York Times has taken notice because It’s pretty perfect — except for one thing — no Pittsburgh! That’s about to be remedied and you can help. The time is now for “Yinzers in Cars Getting Iced Tea.”

Yinzers in Cars Getting Iced Tea will be a video web series that captures the spirit of Pittsburgh by driving to and from the store to purchase iced tea with a Pittsburgher who personifies all that we love about ahr tahn.

Each episode will feature a guest who will be driven to a store to purchase one of Pittsburgh’s favorite beverages, iced tea. During the drive to and from the store, cameras will roll and capture the fun. It won’t be rehearsed and will be chock full of yinzer goodness. We’ll talk about local current events, the Stillers, the hipsters in Lawrenceville and anything else of local interest.

Here’s the promo video:

You can help make what will undoubtedly become an instant Burgh classic a reality by donating the money needed for things like video cameras, video editing software, iced tea, etc. A fixed funding campaign page has been set up here. The way these campaigns work is if they can raise the full fixed amount ($4,500) by the deadline set (Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 11:59PM PT), they’ll get the money to produce the series. If not, they get bupkis (it’ll be like going to your local mini-mart with your mouth all set for some tasty iced tea and finding the cooler shelf empty).

Don’t let there be an empty cooler shelf. Donate now (and pass the link on to your friends)! As the video says, “It’s going to be awesome.”

Best Ice Tea Ever, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from drooooo’s photostream